101 is for:

Calls to the service cost lOp from landlines and mobiles and will be recorded for training, quality monitoring and public safety purposes.

As 101 is currently only available in a small number of test areas in UK, the existing 0845 045 45 45 Police number is still available, if you wish to speak to a police officer or staff member.

Always dial 999 if a crime is in progress.


Thursday November 9th at the Goods Shed (Station Yard). Make a note of the date in your diary. If you are worried about local policing issues, the Association's AGM will give you the opportunity to put your questions and concerns to Inspector Shaun Moore, after his talk on the new structure and its bedding in. The greater the attendance the stronger the message. We look forward to seeing you there.


Tired of getting up from the dinner table to take an unwanted sales call?

The Telephone Preference Service (TPS) helps you to make sure your telephone number is no longer available to organisations, including charities and voluntary organisations, who may telephone you with offers and information you do not wish to receive.

You can register free on line or phone the TPS Registration line - 0845 070 0707



Neighbourhood Watch is about working with neighbours, the police and local authorities to make our community a safe and attractive place to live in. To make it work we need to keep each other informed. Almost every newsletter mentions phoning in details of suspicious activities to enable the Police to follow up where necessary. The new 101 phone number allows some calls to be directed more accurately to where they will best be handled.

101 doesn't in any way replace 999, which should still be used if a crime is in progress.

We recently had an excellent example of how a timely phone call can resolve a situation. Several potted plants had gone missing one night. The householder followed the trail of petals which was reported to the Police, resulting in rapid recovery of the stolen items. Your call may just add the final piece of information enabling action to be taken, so please, don't keep information to yourself.

At recent meetings with the Association, Sergeant Wayne Curson has outlined the organisational changes to local Policing and we would like to reassure people that we continue to have an active dialogue on all policing matters including manning levels. Details on the new structure can be found overleaf in Sgt Curson's own report.

Rob Fellows.


Neighbourhood Watch now has a Co-ordinator working at county level within Hampshire Constabulary. Sue Gibson works at Hook and in her first six months has made big strides in identifying and re-energising Neighbourhood Watch groups across the County. In funding this post the Police are demonstrating their commitment to Neighbourhood Watch.


Welcome and thank you for volunteering to Jenny Hayes in Meadow Close and Carolyn Powers in Oak Hill North. We still need cover for Nicholson Place/Bridge and South Roads, plus Lakes (the north end of Sun Hill Crescent, Ullswater Grove and Buttermere Gardens). Please let the Secretary know if you would be prepared to help.



EMERGENCY 999 Crime in progress
Life in danger
Violence being used
NON -EMERGENCY Report minor crime
Abandoned vehicle
Street lighting
Anti-social behaviour
0845 045 45 45 Contact Police officer
Leave messages
Monday - Friday 12.30 - 13.30
18.00 - 19.00
09.30 - 10.30
18.00 - 19.00
Hampshire Constabulary web site
Information on crime prevention and all Police services.


The salesmen and women who turn up on your doorstop unannounced are becoming a problem in many areas.

Stop Chain CheckA door chain, properly used, gives good protection from contact with these itinerant callers.

Always remember, wherever you live it is your private home you have the, right to say "No" to anyone who calls uninvited. A polite "No thank you" should be all that is needed, followed by firm door closure.

People you don't know should never be invited indoors.

Anyone who is aware of suspicious activity where they live, work or provide services, is urged to take a moment to pick up the phone and pass the information on.

Trading Standards also have a Quick Response Team that goes out to cases where the trader is still on site, or is going to return.

"No Cold Calling Zones" are now being set up in many areas across the UK and several are already working in Hampshire, in Barton on Sea, Portsmouth, Hook, several places on the Isle of Wight and most recently, in Havant. Road signs carrying the "No Cold Calling" slogan have been placed on lamp posts around the edges of the areas.

The QRT can be contacted on 01329 316215, only for cases where there is, or has been a cold call. For prevention and other advice the number is - 01962 846316.


Constabulary Column

An update from Alresford's Sergeant Wayne Curson

Since the formation of the new Operational Command Units (OCU) in April, we have seen a number of organisational changes/ including my return as your Sergeant. Alresford now has a small team of Neighbourhood Policing Officers, responsible for community beat type issues and deployment to incidents not warranting an immediate response.

Response policing; the ability to attend 999 calls and emergencies immediately; is now coming from Winchester in the form of Targeted Patrol Teams (TPT). Centralisation enables patrol vehicles to be effectively dispatched to the whole Winchester District.

In early 2007, Alresford will be reinforced by 3 Police Community Support Officers, who will assist in providing a high visibility presence and tackling incidents of anti-social behaviour.

Alresford Police station now covers just two beat areas. Beat 6 - MIcheldever, Itchen Valley and Old Alresford and Beat 7 - Alresford Town Centre, Bishops Sutton, Cheriton, Bramdean and surrounding villages. Beat 5 - Kings Worthy area, has now moved Into Winchester City Sector.

Crime figures for the last sixty days show no identified crime trends, with 3 burglaries, 6 criminal damages and 7 motor vehicle crimes being recorded. We are still a low crime area.

There has again been underage drinking in areas of Alresford, together with incidents of anti-social behaviour. Both underage and nuisance drinking will be dealt with robustly by the Police. Local shopkeepers have been visited and advised to be on the lookout for adults purchasing alcohol for under 18's. I would ask all parents or guardians to keep a watch on their respective son's and daughter's behaviour.

Let's maintain Alresford's high quality of life for young and old alike.


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