The 18th AGM of the ADNWA was held on November 6th at St Gregory’s RC Hall.

Acting Chairman Andrew Black spoke of a positive year for the Association and thanked all the volunteer Co-ordinators for their continuing support. The Association has welcomed some 12 new Co-ordinators during the year and 4 new members to the committee. In addition, the Safer Neighbourhoods Team has also seen several changes (see back page for details) and is now up to strength. He appealed to everyone to report all incidents.

Sergeant Wayne Curson reported that resource is being directed to working with the schools and young people and it is encouraging that anti social behaviour has reduced recently.

Inspector Jim Pegler then thanked Neighbourhood Watch network for their support. He said that 80% of crime is committed by a very few individuals, usually from the community itself. Curbing crime today can only be successful if everybody gets involved. He stressed that preventing crime by encouraging better behaviour, in relation to drinking for example, is better than clearing up the mess afterwards. Police cannot solve the problems on their own.

There followed a fascinating insight into the criminal justice system. Inspector Pegler described a violent incident to the point of arrest and charge.

A local Magistrate then took up the story, to explain how the offender was then brought before the court and having been found to have broken the law, the complicated process of determining the appropriate sentence. Ensuring equality of sentencing across the country is not easy.

He made it clear that custody was often not the most appropriate sentence. A Community Order, where the offender serves the sentence in the community and can be ordered, for example, to undertake up to 300 hours of unpaid work, or to be subject to a very restrictive curfew up to 7 days per week for up to 6 months, is often used.
There were a number of questions and the meeting concluded with refreshments.

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We are in the process, with our partners in the Police and Trading Standards, of looking at implementing No Cold Calling Zones in areas where residents are vulnerable to persons who call on your home without invitation. Although there is no law against the concept of Cold Calling, it is an initiative which, we believe, will assist in combating doorstep crime. The concept is supported by Neighbourhood Watch in other areas where it is already working. Any input from the public would be welcomed.


The clocks have changed, the weather is gloomy and the evenings are no longer light enough to see what is happening outside. It's a good time to consider sensible precautions for the protection of property and possessions. Have a look round outside to spot any loopholes, which might attract a criminal to show an interest in your house.

One good deterrent is external lighting, so check that it is working and doing a good job to illuminate vulnerable areas, both front and back. An automatic PIR light for the front door not only welcomes visitors, but enables you to see clearly who is there. And don’t forget the inside as well; remembering when going out, to leave a light on.


This is something which is still happening in the town these days and has even been given a specific category in the weekly crime reports issued to our Neighbourhood Watch Committee and local Co-ordinators.

The irresponsible behaviour appears to relate to a small minority and their anti-social behaviour is often fuelled by alcohol. The noise, disturbance and damage they often create makes those affected very angry, and in some cases fearful at what is happening, or likely to occur.

It is important that all incidents, be they anti-social behaviour or minor crimes are reported at the time. That way even if an officer cannot be sent, the event will be recorded. Police use these statistics to determine both resources and, if necessary special projects to target trouble spots. Following a recent spate of car window vandalism in town, many more breakages were repaired than reported. The 101 service is still active and should be used for anti-social behaviour.


We are pleased to welcome Gareth Rees, who has taken over the New Farm Road watch. New watches have been created in Hankins Court, and Armsworth, with Anthony Oxley and John Salkeld as the Co-ordinators, respectively. If you want to know who your local Co-ordinator is please contact a member of the Committee.

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Report minor crime
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0845 045 45 45 Contact Police officer
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Subject to operational demands, the station is open to the public at the following times -
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Constabulary Column

Alresford PCSO Melissa Panter

I just thought I would make you all aware of what the PCSOs have been up to.

We have all been promoting safety and wellbeing around Halloween and bonfire nights, by visiting local schools and other local clubs, like the brownies, with our partner agencies, the Fire and Rescue Service and Hampshire County Council. This allowed HCC Community Support Officers to assist us. We spoke to young people in assembly’s etc, in order to highlight the dangers of fireworks and the necessity to be responsible, should they be taking part in trick or treat activities.

I hope that you were not troubled by these festivities, but if you were a victim of incidents during these times please contact me at the station or on the e-mail address below.

We are also working alongside youth organisations in setting up more activities for young people in the evenings. This is part of our youth diversion/interaction initiative, to focus young persons in the community on acting responsibly, staying safe, respecting others whilst still having a good time.

We also continue to work on our core policing aims of contacting victims of crime and anti social behaviour and remain focused on trying to deliver the needs of the community. Please complete the “Your Community, Your Voice” leaflets, which can give the local Police a "steer" on your priorities.

Recently our staffing levels at the police station have increased. This saw us welcome a new beat officer Ben Stoneley and a new PCSO Siobhan Murray to our Safer Neighbourhoods team.

Ben joins us from Bishops Waltham and will be assigned to Alresford town, Old Alresford, Bighton and surrounding areas. Siobhan is an experienced PCSO and joins us from the Alton area. She will be working in the parishes south of Alresford and the West Meon area.Siobhan is Equine Liaison Officer for our area. contact her if you need advice about horse matters, tack markingor becoming part of the"horse watch" scheme.


The station is currently open from 1500 to 1700 from Monday to Thursday and will be manned by duty officers, subject to operational demands. You may have also seen in the local media and various posters placed around the town, that we are canvassing for your views into the police station opening hours. If you wish to express your views; if you should require any advice on crime prevention matters or wish to contact any of the Safer Neighbourhood Team please call the station or e-mail -