Now we are into holiday time, remember to cancel milk and papers, ask a neighbour to pull and draw curtains, replace rubbish bins, water gardens/plants and maybe park their car on your drive, to make your home look occupied.

Use light timers, at different times to make the home look occupied and ask neighbours to ensure that post is pushed through the letterbox thoroughly. If you are going away for longer than two weeks, let your local beat officer know that the property will be empty for a while and that you have asked neighbours to keep an eye on your property.

Please ensure that all windows, doors and outside buildings are securely locked and that there are no calendars by windows showing the dates you are away. Do not make a show of loading car/taxi with cases/bags and if using a luggage label, make sure that your home address is not on view. Try not to discuss your holiday plans in front of strangers, or where they may overhear.


We are delighted to have been awarded a grant of £830 from Hampshire & Isle of Wight Community Foundation. This is specifically for the purchase of a replacement Neighbourhood Watch banner and new display stands, both of which will be used at the upcoming Alresford Show on September 5th, see article below.


After a number of years absence, ADNWA are again to be at the Show on September 5th. We will be having a joint stall with the Police and a full range of literature will be available including the CARSAFE cards, mentioned elsewhere in this Newsletter. Come and support Neighbourhood Watch and see our new display equipment, funded by our Grassroots grant


These have not stopped, in spite of the cost of fuel having come down. If you have a tank, then the best advice, after attaching a strong padlock, is to camouflage the tank, by putting up a trellis and growing something to hide it.


Please be conscious of who is knocking at your door and watch out for your vulnerable neighbours. People can easily be taken in by con artists asking to use the phone/toilet or asking for a glass of water or for the return of a lost pet/football. If you do receive a knock on the door like this, close the door before you get the water; close the door before looking for the football; close the door and say you will call whoever. DO NOT let anyone into your home that you do not know.

Please remember that it is your right to say “NO” to anyone selling door to door.If the sales person becomes intimidating, shut the door firmly and call the Police.Always check identification cards, if offered and do not be afraid to close the door and telephone to verify the salesperson. Legitimate companies will arrange mutually convenient times for them to call and will provide a password for extra security.

Recent incidents, where trees have been cut back or felled, prompts us to remind householders to get written quotations and not to agree to work being done immediately on a knock at the door. If you feel threatened then telephone. Trading Standards do have an immediate response car in case of emergency. Don’t just moan about bogus callers or potential distraction burglars; phone it in. See numbers below.


Please remember always to completely cover your PIN number when using cash point machines. It is not unknown for small cameras to be hidden by criminals on the machine overlooking the keypad. Whilst you may shield your PIN from other people please remember to shield completely.

Always check the machine for tampering, prior to using; if you see anything suspicious then please notify the bank that the machine belongs to, or the shop that it is in. Also please let the Police know.


ADNWA are looking for a Secretary/Administrator to handle NW meeting minutes, plus general administrative duties. If you feel you have the skills and a little spare time, please contact Jan Berry on or telephone 732737.



The Police anti burglary Operation Nemesis has now finished and we await analysis of the results. Meanwhile, attention is now being given to anti social behaviour, with various initiatives being planned for the summer.

Do call an incident in if you consider it to be anti social. 101 or 0845 045 45 45, while it is in progress, if possible. This includes being disturbed by noisy public house customers. There are powers available to curb this unwelcome behaviour.

PC Steve Dicker has now retired. We thank him for many years of dedicated service in the Winchester area and wish him well for the future. Steve’s Itchen Valley territory will be covered by PC Ben Stoneley.


We welcome Tony Taylor as new Co-ordinator for Tichborne Down in Alresford and thank Billy Rushton for his services.

In spite of appeals, both locally and to the Parish council, we have been unable to identify a Co-ordinator for Tichborne village. Unfortunately, if no one comes forward, we will have to declare the village no longer to be an active NW scheme. The result is that residents will no longer legitimately be able to claim a discount on their household insurance. Also, this will be the last Newsletter to be delivered to the village.


New style, red laminated notices are available to display in your car window when leaving your vehicle. They announce that you have left no valuables in the car and can be used anywhere where you feel you could be vulnerable to thieves. Remember, leave your valuables at home, or carry them with you and leave nothing on show. All Co-ordinators will receive a CARSAFE Notice with their Newsletters. Please use them and encourage others to collect theirs from the Police Station or contact our PCSO—see opposite.

Constabulary Column

Alresford’s new PCSO, Steve Hull

Hello to all who don't know me, or have not seen me around yet in Alresford. I am PCSO Steve Hull. I have taken over from Melissa, and will keep up the good work and hopefully starting a lot more, working with the community.

A bit about myself. I live in Fareham with my son Kai, aged five. I have been working for the Police since 2005, but in a different community job in Alton.

To bring the community together I am putting on a talent show for all young or old to join in, this year. We are also looking to set up two no calling zones within the town area.

By the time this appears, I will have been at the WI stand in the Community Centre, on Friday 24th July, advising people how to be safe at home and out and about and giving away bells, to be fitted to wallets or purses to prevent them being taken.

I have a love for magic and belong to the magic circle and brotherhood of magicians.


PCSO 12365 Stephen Hull


EMERGENCY 999 Crime in progress
Life in danger
Violence being used

Report minor crime
Abandoned Vehicles
Street Lighting
Anti Social behaviour

0845 045 45 45 Contact Police officer
Leave messages
Subject to operational demands or, by appointment - telephone 0845 045 45 45
Hampshire Constabulary web site
Information on crime prevention and all Police services.
CRIMESTOPPERS 0800 555 111
Call anonymously with information about crime
Mention that you are in an active Neighbourhood Watch area when placing calls