In order to protect the existing Safer Neighbourhood Team setup and maintain front line policing, Hampshire Constabulary is to reduce the six Operational Command Units to three Areas.

Winchester District will become part of a new Northern Area, which will also include Andover, Basingstoke & Deane, Hart & Rushmoor and East Hampshire Districts.

This will return to something similar to the 1988 organisational structure, with cuts in senior management and the related support restructure, e.g. the removal of duplicate operations.

The restructure has been agreed with the Police Authority, and the transition begins as of April 4th 2011. On this day Winchester becomes part of Northern area. The hard work to fully implement the changes will then begin in earnest.

Safer Neighbourhood Teams will try to move from being directed by central policy, to concentrating on community identified priorities. This requires the public to input local areas of concern. Follow this link to register your views-www.hampshire.police.uk/Internet/contact/yourvoicecounts.htm


From April 6th, census field staff will be taking to the streets to offer assistance to, and collect questionnaires from, residential households, working for the Office for National Statistics which runs the 2011 Census.

Staff will always carry their photo ID, bearing the 2011 Census and ONS logos. They should automatically show it to residents, do everything they can to reassure people and not try to prevent anyone from checking their identity.

Their primary aim is to take a completed census form away with them. They may also ask for the name of the person they are speaking to, whether that person is usually resident there and for the number of residents. They should never enter the household unless they are asked to do so.

Staff will be working at different times of the day and evening, seven days a week; the majority will be working by themselves. Find out more at www.census.gov.uk

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Crime Mapping (www.police.uk), which was released in February, was designed as a national programme to meet a target set by David Cameron, that by January 2011 there would be a country-wide facility mapping local crime.

The product experienced early overloading difficulties and it has a functionality limited to 5 types of crime (the largest section is 'other crimes'; huge and unspecified in this model.) Also, as it has to provide data for all 43 police force areas, it is limited in scope. It does however provide a marker for the importance of up to date availability of data in the public domain and a determination to engage the public in addressing problems specific to their area.

The Crime Mapping programme, above, is not the same thing as the exciting new programme about to go live and developed by the Hampshire Constabulary, as a pilot scheme for wider availability.

The new Hampshire site has been specifically designed for our needs and is much broader. One strength will be its positive invitation for two way dialogue, helping Neighbourhood Watch become more proactive and able to share issues and suspicious activities directly with our local officers.site is almost ready to release and instructions on access and use will be available soon.



Note for your diary. On Saturday May 14th Sparsholt College will be holding a Countryside day from 09.30 till 16.30.
Details- www.sparsholt.ac.uk/pages/events.aspx





People receiving e-mail scams are being urged to forward them to Action Fraud, part of the National Fraud Authority. Last year, more than 3,000 people reported being scammed but police believe many more are too embarrassed to admit they fell for them.

Mass marketing scams make up a quarter of all reported fraud, but accounts for 90% of losses, with the average victim who reports a fraud losing £27,000.

The agency has launched a new operation to track down the fraudsters behind the multi-million pound industry in scam mail, but needs public input.

People who receive scam e-mails are now being urged to forward them. Details of how to forward e-mails are on the website. www.actionfraud.org.uk/

NOTE. Your e-mail may appear to fail? The bounce back message just means the email has gone into a holding area for spam, which is then released and will be forwarded by Action Fraud to the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau, run by the City of London Police, for analysis.


It was with great sadness that we learned of the death of John Hudman, long time Co-ordinator for Salisbury Road and previously a Committee member.

Our sincere condolences also go to Chris Webb, Co-ordinator for Winchester Road and previously Committee member, whose wife Linda died recently.

At the Committee meeting on February 24th, we welcomed two new members, Ken Mills of Fair View and Jennie Roberts, who has taken over as Co-ordinator for Tichborne Down from Tony Taylor. Our thanks and best wishes go to Tony, recovering from a major operation at Christmas time.

Mention that you are in an active Neighbourhood Watch area when placing calls
EMERGENCY 999 Crime in progress
Life in danger
Violence being used

Report minor crime
Abandoned Vehicles
Street Lighting
Anti Social behaviour

0845 045 45 45 Contact Police officer
Leave messages
Subject to operational demands or, by appointment - telephone 0845 045 45 45
Hampshire Constabulary web site
Alresford & District Neighbourhood Watch web site

Constabulary Column

Alresford's Sergeant Amanda Smith

As highlighted, in the Restructure article on page 1, the Safer Neighbourhood Team are keen to learn your local concerns.We aim to address any local issues raised and you can contact the team direct, by phone or e-mail, meon.valley.north.snt@hampshire.pnn.police.uk. or by visiting the station.Members of the team also take part in various beat surgeries and Parish Council Meetings, with more details to follow on the constabulary website.

Now with this aim of discovering local priorities in mind, you may find a PCSO, possibly accompanied by your Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator, knocking at your door. Rather than have the mobile Police station sitting waiting for you to visit it, some house calls are going to be made to ascertain local concerns.

Criminal Damage has reduced this year by approx. 60% over the same period for last year. However, recently there has been damage reported to new play equipment at Sun Hill and Arlebury Park recreation grounds.This is very disappointing and I would urge any person with information regarding this damage to contact my team.

Burglary reports are at the same level as last year, but the good news to report is that two arrests have been made, resulting from reporting of suspect vehicles. Some poachers, too have been apprehended.

There has been a slight increase in vehicle crime, including theft of and from motor vehicles. Again, I urge householders to secure their property at all times and never leave valuables inside their vehicles.

Other targets have been heating fuel and roofing lead. If you need any crime prevention advice please contact the team.
Reports of anti-social behaviour have also decreased from 22 in 2010 to 12 to the present date and across the Winchester District, all crime has reduced by 17.6%.

My aim for the year is to continue reducing crime in your area. This can be achieved by working in partnership with all our community.I also aim for my team to be a visible presence in the area and as a reminder, your local officers are:

Beat 1 - Itchen Valley area:
PC Ben Stoneley PCSO Helen Ashcroft

Beat 2 - New and Old Alresford area:
PC Ben Stoneley PCSO Steve Hull

Beat 3 - Bishops Sutton / Bramdean / Cheriton, Kilmeston and Tichborne:
PC Paul McShea PCSO Siobhan Murray



Reporting suspicious vehicle registration numbers is always encouraged and we are informed that all reported numbers are followed up by our Police if registered within Hampshire and by letter if outside the county. If the registered keeper is local, then contact will be made by a member of the Safer Neighbourhood Team.