The latest reorganisation of policing for the area has been implemented.

Alresford is the hub of an enlarged Winchester Rural North area, which now extends as far as Hursley. Kings Worthy and Headbourne Worthy is now policed from Alresford again, rather than Winchester City.

The area is covered by Sergeant Mark Lamper (see over), with 3 Beat Officers, 5 PCSO’s , plus 2 Special Constables. A CountryWatch officer is also based in Alresford Police Station, which is the Safer Neighbourhood Team’s base and from which they will start each duty. Weekly Team meetings will be held at the Police Station, which is likely to be re-located within Alresford in the summer.

Officers will operate a single manning system most of the time and the PCSO’s will be the most visible Police presence. Sergeant Lamper is testing mobile workstations, to allow officers to complete their paperwork away from their base. The Team has 4 vehicles, plus several mountain bicycles at their disposal. Response to 999 calls comes (24/7) from Winchester.

Winchester District is now combined with East Hampshire, under CI James Fulton, which increases the resources available in cases of emergency.


Heating and diesel oil is still being targeted by thieves. If you have oil fired heating, consider taking crime prevention action. Remote electronic oil level gauges are available, which will set off an audible alarm in the house to warn of any potential problem, if the oil level in the tank suddenly drops. Alarms cost between £70 and £100.

A fence, trellis or wall around the tank, can make life difficult for the thief and give significant protection to the tank, but remember access to fill the tank. A metal grill or cage with a lockable access point across the top of this wall or fence can further improve security.

Close shackle padlocks are the best to use as very little of the metal hoop (shackle) is exposed and bolt croppers cannot get a good grip.

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Never, ever, without any exception, give your personal details to anyone who has cold-called you. If you are persuaded by the sales patter, then phone them back on a number you have verified from a letter, the phone book, or internet.

Trading Standards provide door stickers, which say “We do not buy goods or services at the door”. Cold calls are an intrusion onto the householder’s property. We should consider phone selling in the same way. It is your property and you entitled to tell callers to leave.

BT says it can block unsolicited calls, but not those that are computer generated.

Do sign up for the TPS (Telephone Preference Service), but be aware that it cannot stop automatically dialled calls. TPS is solely a list of telephone numbers that telemarketers should check before calling. There is no physical block on lines, no technology used; it relies on organisations being compliant. TPS are unable to take action against companies complained about. However, just mentioning that you are on TPS, very often terminates a call immediately!

It is easier to end a phone call than get rid of a doorstep caller. Hang up!


A black leather bag containing debit cards, cheque book, £255 cash and mobile phone, were taken from an unlocked vehicle parked in …………whilst owner took his dog for a walk!









Here is some advanced advice for those intending to organise events such as street parties to mark the The Queen's Diamond Jubilee, which is being marked by a double bank holiday between 1st and 4th June.

Hampshire council chiefs say they are cutting red tape to make it easier for people to hold street parties. The only permission needed from the County council is one for bunting hung from lamp posts. They say this is to ensure there is a named organiser who is responsible for removing any flags. No fee will be charged. They also say that organisers of small-scale events, involving less than 500 people, are not required to have public liability insurance, but suggest they consider it as an option.

If the street is not a through road and no more than 500 people attend, there is no need for a license or traffic plan, but any street party on a public through road will require a road closure. This means the road will be closed to traffic but not pedestrians. Applications for road closures need to be made to Winchester City Council.

Contact the Event Planning Northern mailbox by dialling 0845 0454545, to help you ensure that your event is safe and if necessary, that local Police are informed.

P.S. Don’t forget to secure your own property while you are out in the street, enjoying yourselves!


We welcome Rod Brown, who has taken over as Coordinator for The Dean. Our thanks go to George Hand who covered the Watch for many years.

If you need advice on Neighbourhood Watch matters contact your Coordinator. They may already be aware of the situation, or be able to advise you what to do. If you don’t know who your Coordinator is, then contact the ADNWA Administrator – e-mail jenniero987@gmail.com or phone 736505.

Mention that you are in an active Neighbourhood Watch area when placing calls
EMERGENCY 999 Crime in progress
Life in danger
Violence being used

Report minor crime
Abandoned Vehicles
Street Lighting
Anti Social behaviour

0845 045 45 45 Contact Police officer
Leave messages
Subject to operational demands or, by appointment - telephone 0845 045 45 45
Hampshire Constabulary web site
Alresford & District Neighbourhood Watch web site

Constabulary Column

Alresford’s Sergeant Mark Lampner

I have recently taken over from Sergeant Amanda Smith as the Winchester North Rural Safer Neighbourhood Sergeant. Previously, I worked in Winchester in charge of Custody and then Performance.

There have been some concerns that the staffing at Alresford would decline, as the area we now cover has expanded. However, with my team of 3 Police officers, 5 PCSOs and a CountryWatch officer, I believe we can provide better coverage. Although officers have their own designated beats, they can assist each other across all beats providing a quicker and better service. In order to provide greater coverage and visibility across the area. all officers are expected to patrol on their own, on a day to day basis.

Crime across the area has continued to reduce over the past 12 months; seeing a reduction in burglaries and theft, of and from, motor vehicles.

As a team we have carried out several local operations to reduce off road driving and thefts of metal, diesel and domestic heating oil.

With the lighter evenings arriving, I will be increasing local patrols to assist in reducing Anti Social Behaviour related issues. Since I arrived, my team has arrested three poachers, one person for possession of drugs, several persons involved in assaults and a shoplifter.

Neighbourhood Watch are a vital part of the Police extended family and all your help is much appreciated.


Hampshire County Council Older Persons Well Being Team have produced a Being Safe leaflet. It is a quick reference leaflet for more mature or vulnerable residents, providing handy tips on keeping safe and includes links to more information, if needed.

We have obtained a small supply, which will be distributed to groups, such as the Lunch Club and left at key points e.g. the Library and the Arlebury Park Council office.