Hampshire Constabulary has launched its summer drink-drive reduction campaign. Last year 692 people were arrested between June 1 and September 1 on suspicion of drink-driving and 561 were charged.
With Britain hosting the 2012 Olympics, Police are anticipating a potential rise in people unwittingly getting behind the wheel drunk as they celebrate what is hoped to be a golden year for UK athletes.
Officers will be carrying out early morning operations, targeting those who may still be suffering the effects of alcohol consumed the night before and will breathalyse everyone suspected of a driving offence.
Superintendent Chris Brown, Head of Roads Policing for Hampshire and Thames Valley, says "The last thing we want is for 2012 to be a year some would rather forget because of drink driving. Drinking late into the evening and then getting up early for work, is not a good combination. Just because you've had a few hours sleep doesn't mean all the alcohol has left your system and you could still be driving to work over the limit."
Anyone caught drink-driving faces a minimum 12-month disqualification, a substantial fine and possibly a custodial sentence.
Any amount of alcohol affects your co-ordination and judgement. The simplest and safest option for everyone, is not to drink if you plan to drive.


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It is vital to report incidents as soon as possible after they happen. It may not always be possible, or appropriate for an officer to be deployed, but the Police can build up a picture of incidents, times and locations for future use.
By all means inform your local Coordinator, but the resident’s first action should be to alert the Police.
101 is the only number you need to remember for non-emergency calls. Use 999 if there is a crime in progress, life in danger or violence being used

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The Alresford & District Neighbourhood Watch Association AGM will be held at Alresford Golf Club on Wednesday September 19th at 1930. Steve Foye from Hampshire Fire and Rescue - see below - will speak.. .


This year, the HNWA AGM was held in Alton Methodist Church on May 19th.

Once again we were pleased that the Chief Constable, Alex Marshall, had felt it important enough to give his time to address us. He is an excellent speaker and creates confidence that his force will flourish, even with the stringent cutbacks enforced on the Police.

While Hampshire has lost 894 posts in 13 months, this was mainly support staff, with only 30 being made redundant. The loss of experience is the most serious issue. We now have the fewest number of senior officers of any UK force and we actually have more front line officers in 2012, (2230), than in 2010 (2224).

Community Resolution is giving discretion to PCs to use common sense and sound judgement to deal with minor incidents. For example, minor damage paid for and an apology given is better than putting youngsters into the ‘system’. There are many examples of how well this works and there are plans to extend it to PCSOs.

Steve Foye from Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service, spoke about how their priority was to prevent incidents. This included school teams to educate youngsters. Identification of vulnerable people (over 65/disabled/ smokers/drinks/drugs) is vital. Hampshire are leading prosecutors of arson and have a Police employee within HFRS to help combat the crime.

The final speaker was Mark Hibbert-Hingston of Winchester Street Pastors, a church based organisation which volunteers to be in the city centre at night, mainly at weekends - engaging with people on the street - to care, listen and dialogue. Teams of 3 volunteers patrol from 10.00 p.m. to 3.30 a.m.

Winchester, one of 150 schemes across UK, has been operating since early 2011 and has 45 volunteers, each having the support of their church. The scheme has wide community organisation/ business support and is funded by the Police, Council Safety Partnerships and voluntary donations. It has seen a 25% crime reduction (not provable), on nights the Pastors are deployed.

Their trademark is handing out a lolly, as they feel it is difficult to be aggressive with a lolly in your mouth! Water is also well received by many of their “customers”.
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This edition of the Newsletter should be delivered with your copy of the village magazine. You join three other areas, Old Alresford/Gundleton/Bighton, Easton/Martyr Worthy and Itchen Abbas/Avington, that receive their copy in this way. We thank the local distributors for their help in making this happen. Richard Milligan continues to be the Coordinator for Bishop’ s Sutton.


Recently an elderly lady who lives in Cheriton was visited by a stranger, asking if she had any jobs that needed doing.

An hour later the lady received a phone call telling her that police had found her purse and could she pass her pin number over to the caller.was done by the lady. A friend who helps the elderly lady concerned, rang her bank, but was too late to stop £100 being removed from her account.
NEVER divulge personal information, such as PIN numbers, even if the caller sounds genuine.


For your information, this Newsletter will be made available on the internet soon after the hardcopies are delivered to town residents by their Coordinators. This is the address, where previous Newsletters can also be found.


We welcome Imogen Oxley, who has taken over the Windsor Watch from Audrey Chalk. Our sincere thanks go to Audrey, who has been a loyal Neighbourhood Watch supporter from our early days in Alresford, as Coordinator, Committee member and one time Vice Chair of the Association.

We are saddened to report that Margaret Cox died, aged 75, on 6th May, in Old Alresford Cottage Residential Care Home. Margaret had been Coordinator for Lindley Gardens, a Committee Member and Hon. Treasurer.

Mention that you are in an active Neighbourhood Watch area when placing calls
EMERGENCY 999 Crime in progress
Life in danger
Violence being used

Report minor crime
Abandoned Vehicles
Street Lighting
Anti Social behaviour

0845 045 45 45 Contact Police officer
Leave messages
Subject to operational demands or, by appointment - telephone 0845 045 45 45
Hampshire Constabulary web site
Alresford & District Neighbourhood Watch web site

Constabulary Column

Alresford's Sergeant Mark Lamper

This year, the force’s county wide anti-social behaviour (ASB) campaign will run from June 2 to September 8. There is a dedicated team, involving Alresford officers, visiting areas liable to attract ASB. They have powers to ban individuals from specific areas and to seize alcohol or vehicles to ensure everyone can enjoy the summer safely.

Although people of all ages become involved in anti-social behaviour, parents are asked to keep an eye on their children during the school holidays to avoid them becoming involved in ASB. Residents are urged to report any incidents to 101 so that resources and efforts can be targeted effectively.


Several local businesses, working with PCSO Steve Hull, have set up an alert system usingway Vertex Walkie/Talkie radios. This includes a radio at the Police station.

The system worked well at the Watercress festival, when there was a lost child. All the shops and pubs were updated and the child was found.

Steve has found that businesses and pubs are talking a lot more to each other and improving community and business relations.


PCSO Steve Hull will be leaving Alresford to work closer to his home on the Isle of Wight. While we will all be very sorry to see him go, our loss is the Island’s gain. Steve has done a lot of good, both for the local community and for the Police. He is the embodiment of what “Safer Neighbourhoods” is all about. Thank you Steve!

Other changes will involve officers working from Alresford shortly. PC Matt Dunlop will be replacing PC Don Hagger, who retired in April.

The Police Station will be relocating to Alresford Fire Station towards the end of the summer, when the necessary building works have been completed.


We often highlight scams on these pages. Hampshire Trading Standards have now set up their own bulletin. There is a link on the right hand side of the page at -

You are invited to refer concerns directly to Hampshire County Council Trading Standards—tel. 01962 833 620 or e-mail - ts.intel@hants.gcsx.gov.uk


While everyone is able to access incidents, including ASB, on line, at - www.crimereports.co.uk , it should be pointed out that this system is still in development and is not always complete.